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Premcote 150 – Anti corrosion tape for metal pipe

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Premcote 150 – Anti corrosion tape for metal pipe

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Product information

Bandages Premcote 150 is integrated on the tape consists of 2 layers of PVC waterproof outer layer of Bitumen Rubber & corrosion resistant in the face, 1mm thick. Specialist protection against chemical corrosion of metal pipes such as gas pipes, gas, water, chemical, offshore oil rig pipes & tubes underground. Very good adhesion on the surface rust, damp, cold. Withstand temperatures from -30°C to +85°C. Protection of the anti-corrosion pipe over 30 years, the cost of materials and labor is very low, handy construction convenient, fast, easy on the site,. Premcote 150 is often used with Premcote Primer.

Specification: 4″x 15m (100mm x 15m), 6″ x 15m (150mm x 15m).

Origin: Premier Coatings – UK (England).

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