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Premcote 101 – Anti corrosion tape for metal pipe

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Premcote 101 – Anti corrosion tape for metal pipe

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Product information

Bandages Premcote 101 is integrated on the tape consists of 2 layers: HDPE (Hight- Density Polyethylene) with high toughness, waterproof outer layer of Bitumen Rubber & corrosion resistant in the face, 1mm thickness. Specialist protection against chemical corrosion of metal pipes such as gas pipes, gas, water, chemical, offshore oil rig pipes & tubes underground. Adhesion is very well on the surface rust, damp, cold. Withstand temperatures from -30 °C  to +85 °C. Protection of the anti-corrosion pipe over 30 years, the cost of materials and labor is very low, handy construction convenient, fast, easy on the site,. Anti-corrosion  protection for pipe over 30 years.

Premcote 101 is often used with Premcote  Primer.

Specification: 4″ x 15m (100mm x 15m), 6″ x 15m (150mm x 15m).

Origin: Premier Coatings – UK (England).

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