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Premseal - Waterproofing, UV resistent membrane sheeting

Premseal waterproofing membranes waterproof building's roofs, industrial factory's ceilings, buildings, the ground of construction sites, and industrial sinks/ silos,...

Anti-corrosion protection for 90 degrees steam pipe by applying Premtape Hi-Heat at Yakul factory - VSIP1 Binh Duong Province

Applying Premtape Hi - Heat, SA PVC Tape 200 for underground firewater pipelines at Yakul Factory - VSIP1 Binh Duong Province

The instruction for contractor applying anti-corrosion tapes for pipes and flanges at Petimex Dong Thap Project - Ong Keo Industrial Zone, Dong Nai Province

Applying Prempaste, Premtape Tropical (Denso Tape), Outerwrap SA PVC Tape for underground flanges, valves at Petimex Dong Thap - Ong Keo Industrial Zone

Providing Anti-corrosion protection materials for underground gas tank

Applying Premcote Primer + Premcote 101 for underground gas tanks at workshop

Providing Anti-corrosion materials for welding joints at Hyosung Project - Vung Tau

Applying Premcote Primer and Premcote 101 for underground firewater pipelines at Hyosung factory - Cai Mep Industrial Park

Providing Anti-corrosion materials for flanges & couplings at AGC Chemicals VN

Applying Premcote 1000R for underground flanges, valves, couplings at AGC Chemicals Viet Nam Plant

Anti-corrosion for tank base by applying Premtape Tropical at Vedan Factory - BR VT

Applying Prempaste, Moulding Compound , Tropical Premtape (Denso Tape), SA PVC Tape 200 for tank base Fuel Oil (FO) pipelines at Vedan Plant

Anti corrosion protection for valves, flanges at Hyosung Project

Applying Prempaste, Premtape Tropical (Denso Tape), Outerwrap SA PVC Tape for flanges, valves, couplings at Hyosung Project